Gooscooter 10 pollici Scooter Auto bilanciamento elettrico a due ruote smart Scooter

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Gooscooter 10 pollici Scooter Auto bilanciamento elettrico a due ruote smart deriva Scooter per un facile e Bilanciamento Stabile

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Pneumatici portare-resistenza naturale di gomma, struttura speciale antiscivolo.
Perfetto per l'uso quotidiano.
Sostituire auto tradizionali, portare più convenienza per la vostra vita e le imprese.
Regolare la gravità del vostro corpo, può muove. Facile per principianti.
Caricabatterie, Romote Controller, manuale dell'utente, Scheda di Garanzia
Pneumatici portare-resistenza naturale di gomma, struttura speciale antiscivolo.
Indicatori LED Mostra il livello della batteria.
Intelligente pedana pulsante AUR incorporato, facile da controllare da postura del corpo.
Illuminazione notturna luce del LED per l'utilizzo al buio.
Orificio di carico, pulsante on / off di ricarica sicura, funzione stabile.


La tensione del motore: 36V
Tempo di ricarica: 45-120Mins
Dimensioni dei pneumatici: 10 "(pneumatici gonfiabili, possono viaggiare 20000 chilometri) del motore del mozzo brushless da 700W
Batteria: 160WH
Durata della batteria: 20KM (batteria: 160wh)
Capacità Arrampicata: 15 gradi
Impianto frenante: chip di controllo ST
Tensione di carica: 50-60HZ o AC 180V-240V 50-60HZ: AC85-160V
Materiale principale: PC, ABS
Velocità: 10-16km / h (avviso quando si supera 14 chilometri all'ora)
Carico massimo: 100kgs 
Protezione di sicurezza: SI
La protezione bassa potenza: SI
La protezione limite di velocità: 16 chilometri all'ora
Dimensioni del prodotto (in): 27.2 * 11 * 11 (L * W * H)
Dimensioni del prodotto (mm): 660 * 270 ** 11 (L * W * H)
Formato dell'imballaggio (in): 29.5 * 13.3 * 13.35
Peso netto (lb): 33
Peso netto (kg): 13.5
Peso lordo (lb): 39,7

Il Pacchetto Include:

1x 10 pollici Scooter Auto Balance elettrico
Adattatore carica 1x
Manuale Utente 1x


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The Gooscooter is a reliable company, as my hoverboard lost in transit by UPS, i talked with them and ask for compensation,ups only bear 57 EUR but the gooscooter send me a another same new one, i really so appreciate it and recommend it to anyone who like hoverboards!

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Great for family fun, planning to get everyone a swagtron so we can ride together...

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"I ordered this brand of hoverboard because it\'s one of the few CE certified boards on the market. I was very pleased when my Gooscooter was delivered and I got to see the blue color in person. It looks fantastic and came with matching carrying bag to help protect the fenders. Learning to ride was easier than it looked, took me less than 30 mins and it\'s so much fun!
It’s CE certified, fun, and easy to learn to ride. Plus it comes with carrying bag. My kids love riding it as well.
It\'s a little heavy. It\'s difficult for the kids to pick up since it weighs a little over 20 pounds, I\'d recommend moving it for them. Other than that, there’s not much to complain about."

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Fun for all long as you can balance yourself

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The grand kids came over today and SURPRISE--cool nana had a Hovertrax board!

We took it to the park during an off time and practiced inside the tennis court fences in order to get a feel for the board first in the training mode and then all bets were off and we went to "regular" mode. Charges in about 4 hours and will last for about an hour. The kids picked this up far more quickly than I did, but I was really surprised at how well I could balance on the board since I\'m the Queen of Klutz. The kids were far more agile in picking up the commands. The board is controlled (steeling, speed, stopping) through your feet--tilting them back or forward. My biggest issue with it was the stopping--no breaks, just a gradual shifting of your feet to slow down to a gradual stop. So of course I stepped off in front of the board and got smacked with it. This provided no end of amusement to the grandchildren and I was serenaded by embarrassed screams of "NANA that is not how you do it."

Before I let the kids ride it I outfitted them with their bike helmets and knee and elbow pads that I had purchased. It is kind of hard where I live to find paths that are totally free of gravel or small stones, but we took a few rides, after the tennis court practice, around the park paths and the Razor Hovertrax did very well even with the few loose pea sized stones we encountered. As the kids mastered the task of riding it they enjoying the 8 mph riding and leaving the rest of us in park dust. I did have visions of them flattening a dog or person, but once they mastered it they had complete control. The paths they were riding on are in a park so once or twice they had to jump off and the Gooscooter went into the high grass or weedy area off the park walk as we had planned if jumping off was necessary, but all in all the kids had a great deal of fun!

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It's a great product. It's steady and smooth ride

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It\'s a great product. It\'s steady and smooth ride. Its nice to have cruising around the beach!

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GREAT Quality

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So pleased with this product. Alot of research was done after hearing so much about the HoverBOARD issues and many people not being able to get their money back. I don\'t have that kind of money to lose, that\'s for sure! Gooscooter offers a wonderful warranty. Research tells me Gooscooter made sure they tested all batteries and what not before putting this on the market. This comapny wanted to be sure that those who invested in this product, did so with so much support on the back end. The auto balancing on this product make it easy to ride. The lights! I love the lights. So far, so good. Thumbs up.

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