Koowheel électrique Skateboard Dual Brushless Hub moteur 4300mAh batterie avec télécommande

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Commodité: Il faut 15s pour remplacer une autre batterie seulement quand la batterie est épuisée. Obtenez une batterie de rechange (3.5lbs), commencez votre voyage d'aventure!
Moteur Dual Brushless Hub: Même en haute vitesse, il pourrait garder suffisamment de stabilité et d'équilibre pour assurer la sécurité et une bonne expérience de conduite.
Mainboard de température de contrôle: le contrôle de température pourrait réduire la vitesse du moteur lentement pour protéger la sécurité du cavalier contre la surchauffe
7 plis de bois d'érable canadien: la charge maximale est de 130kg (285lb). Et il ya un sentiment de conduite agréable à cause de la bonne conception d'amortissement.
Service: 100% garantie de remboursement. Et nous avons un bureau à CA. Achetez en toute confiance.

Longueur * Largeur * Hauteur: 35.4 * 8.6 * 5.1in
Poids: 16.5 lbs
Temps de charge: 2.5 h
Charge maximale: 264 lbs
Grade de la colline: 15º
Taille de la roue: 3.5 x 2 po
Matériau des roues: Polyuréthane
Dureté de la roue: 85A
Puissance de sortie: 250W-260W x 2
Moteur: Moteur CC sans balais
Vitesse max .: 20 mph
Portée maximale: 20 milles
Batterie remplaçable: Oui
Capacité de la batterie: 36V, 4.3Ah-4.4Ah, 4300mAh
Type de batterie: 18650 lithium-ion
Poids de la batterie: 3.7 lbs
Durée de vie de la batterie: 1500 cycles
Type de télécommande: 2.4mMHz
Capacité à distance: 300mAh
Type de batterie: Lithium-Ion
Temps de charge à distance: 30 min
Entrée du chargeur: 110-240VAC
Puissance de sortie du chargeur: 42VDC 2A
Certificat: UL
Min Race Age: 16+
Min. Recommandé Hauteur: 48in
Matériau de la carte: 7 couches de bois d'érable canadien


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Great board

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I got my board and rode it all day yesterday. This thing is fast, unnecessarily fast. In turn, that allows it to go up an incline with ease. Braking is also good. I was going pretty fast downhill at one point, and a car started heading towards me. I was able to brake with ease.
The board itself is built well, and handles turns nicely. The wheels are a bit rubbery as opposed to plastic, which helps with riding over cracks, bumps or sticks.
The battery lasted me about 12 miles, and that was with a lot of uphill riding. I am so glad that I am able to replace the battery for those longer rides or when this one goes.
Overall I am very happy with my purchase, and will be using this a lot more often than my hooverboard.

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A great last mile solution for commuters

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The deck is long so you can ride with a friend. I have taken our little daughters for rides with no problem. It does slow it down but still moves at a fun pace.

There are 3 speed modes. It permanently defaults (every time you turn it on) to normal mode which is pretty slow -- maybe a little faster than walking speed. Then there\'s medium (jogging) and then there is fast (fast you will feel it, but not too fast). You change the speed on the LED display toggling through fairly easily. I never tried it mid ride but think it is possible.

Want another tip? Since the deck houses the battery and brains it is where the bulk of the weight resides. You will all bang it on you shins as it swings freely when you pick the scooter up. It hurts like a ***(. Tip: When you pick up the scooter by the handlebars keep the scooter between you legs and raise it up high enough so the deck will not flail and heat seek your shins. This does two things. One, keeps it from inadvertently swinging and hitting innocents. Two, it keeps the deck closer to your fleshy calves/thighs and allows you to duck walk with it (say you need to use a stair or two, walk it off the sidewalk).

My mini project-- Since the controls and LED display are on the handlebars and are subject to cracking , damage on a wipe out, or just from storage you will be shouting expletives when it cracks. I\'m looking for a way to protect it both while riding, commuting (say on a train and it is stored on the floor or above bin with all the sheeple). Probably will be a neoprene/velco combination. Would be cool to have storage for a phone and credit cards, water bottle, rear view mirror, ice chest, luggage rack who knows.

There\'s a 12 month warranty and seems like they are good at supporting it based on the reviews I\'ve seen here. I\'m curious to see the long term battery durability. I\'m also curious to see the effect, if any, storing this in a hot car trunk has on the battery and the overall scooter.

I highly recommend this scooter for those looking for commuting choices. Now I just need to get my daughter to use it this fall.

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