Gooscooter Balancing Scooter Two Wheels Smart Self Balance Electric Scooter

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Built in 4400 mah large capacity Samsung Lithium - polymer battery, allow you travle approx 15-30km, and it takes 45 minutes to charge 80%.
Top speed 10km/h, do not worry about speed too fast.
With free inflatable vacuum tire.
Using mute motherboard, imported Samsung battery, shell surface paint handling, good workmanship and package, you'll love it.
It's like a scooter, but it is more easier to control direction than scooter.
You only need to slightly tilt your feet, will be able to control its direction, short-distance travel is very convenient.
It has a small body, light weight, carry is easier than 2 big wheels balance scooter, operation is simpler than single wheel electric vehicle.
It is a short-contact switch and long press the switch button will change balance mode.


If scooter does't at balancing when you trigger the foot-switch, the buzzer wil alarm, and the warning LED will light, the system can not come into self-balancing conditon. at this moment you shouldn't operate. When the scooter enters into shutdown sate, the system will lock down the machine automatically, it can be unlocked when you press the lock button. When the battery has been depleted or the system gives out into information with safely shut down, please do not continue to drive the scooter, otherwise, the scooter can not keep balance for the lack of battery. More information please read the user manual, thanks!

How to use it?

1. Body posture induction: Induction your center of gravity, flexible steering, it can be easily manipulated;
2. Overspeed protection: speed over 10km/h, the power light will flashing and buzzer alarm;
3. Battery Low Indicator: Battery lower than 25%, power light will turn green into red;
4. Security Reminder: Low battery, Overspeed, Buzzer warnning, System prevent accelerated automatically.

Product Parameters:

Max speed: 10km/h
Biggest continue voyage course: About 15-30km (depend on the weight of the driver, and road condition)
Maximum Permissible Gradient: 15 °
Use Temperature: -15-50 °
Battery Output Voltage: 36V
Battery output current: 2.2-4.4AH
Max Load Capacity: 80kg
Motor Power rate: 250W
CPU: Dual-core CPU
Product size: 584*186*178mm
Tyre Size: 6.5inch
Product weight: 10kg


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