Hoverboard Hoverkart Go Karting Seat for Self Balance Scooter 6.5 8 10 inch

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Safe Hoverkart for Children (No hoverboard);
Comfortable: Standard Karting seats + telescopic rod, Suitable for all heights (No hoverboard);
Safety: The max rotate angle of handle is less than 12 degree. You know what ? If the hoverboard is up to 15 degree, it will shutdown automatically. And if the rotate angle is over the balance level, the balancing scooter will turn over;
Compatible: the frame is adjustable, only need to lose the screw on the rod. So it can be suit for balancing scooter with 6.5 , 8 ,10 inch and other sizes;
Security: Leave the hoverseat whenever you'd like. The control rod is the support point of frame, it could overcome the gravity, which ensure the balancing scooter will not run everywhere fast;
Service: we have an office in CA. Buy with confidence.

What is the hoverkart ?

Karting seats + control rod + wheel. This kits turn the hoverboard.
into an electric go-kart. There is no any skills to learn, just sit down and have fun.
See the video, Children have a lot of fun with the hoverkart: https://youtu.be/gXk0vYuJDLE

Finally, Please use hoverkart according to our instruction at the beginning. Riders can enjoy newly fun
ways for riding once they are familiar with using the hoverkart. Children must be under the
guardianship of adults and be careful when riding as well. Have fun and Thanks.

Don't buy the Generic Hoverkart! See this video, you will know how important about safety and the balancekart of Koowheel is worth this price: https://youtu.be/JcIGE4fA-qQ

If you had some questions about installing the hoverkart, check the video please:https://youtu.be/WJzKNyJfrBA


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